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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the California Dental Association CDA Conference?

CDA Presents | California Dental Association CDA Presents the Art and Science of Dentistry September 9 to 11, 2021 Our innovative events bring live education right to you.

What's new at CDA presents?

CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry is held twice each year, once in Anaheim and once in San Francisco. In the spring of 2021, we brought CDA Presents back through a fun, interactive virtual experience. Our live convention continues to evolve, expand and share more ways to engage through an innovative digital platform. San Francisco 2021

When is the next CDA convention in San Francisco?

CDA Presents is back! This fall, our convention returned to San Francisco and was also held as an interactive virtual event. Mark your calendar for our next convention, May 12-14, 2022, and plan to join us next spring to learn and network with your dental community.

When does registration open for the 2022 CDA convention?

Registration for the spring convention opens in February 2022. Stay connected to CDA for details on schedules, speakers, travel tips and special events. Looking for required C.E. right now? Participate in Infection Control and California Dental Practice Act courses through Online Learning or register early for courses in Anaheim.

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