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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cdcdx plywood?

CDX also symbolises the quality of the veneer used. It is available in varied sizes from 3/4 cdx plywood, 1/2 cdx plywood and much more. While creating these plywoods the maker carefully aligns all the layers to reduce their shrinkage over time.

What is CDA wood?

CDA Wood is a no paints, no stains rustic wood company. We understand the struggles of sourcing barn wood in regards to affordability and sourcing. CDA Wood is your best alternative taking new lumber and coloring it with our patented Xcelerated process to make it look like barn wood.

Can CDX plywood get damaged by rain?

Plywood in general – and especially CDX plywood – is known for being susceptible to damage from everyday elements. That is why manufacturers have come up with a solution that reinforces the integrity of CDX plywood to make it better fit for holding up against rain, snow, humidity, and mold.

What is the difference between C & D plywood and a & B?

A or B is more expensive types of CDX Plywood, whereas C & D are more economical and cheaper. The mention of ‘X’ in CDX Plywood denotes the layers of plywood veneers that are glued together to make one.

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