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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBDVA (CBDV)?

What is CBDVA? Cannabidivarinic acid (CBDVA) is the carboxylic acid precursor of cannabidivarin (CBDV), a close chemical relative to cannabidiol (CBD). All of these substances originate in Cannabis sativa, and CBDVA, CBDV, and CBD share more similarities than differences.

Is CBDVA the next big thing in international cannabinoid research?

This research proves that CBDVA remains a prime target of international cannabinoid research, and interest in this varin cannabinoid will only continue to rise as it becomes easier to produce CBDVA in ways that do not involve the cannabis plant. What is CBDVA currently used for?

What cannabis strains have CBDV as their dominant cannabinoid?

There aren’t currently any Cannabis sativa strains that contain CBDV as their dominant cannabinoid, but a wide variety of cannabis strains contain this cannabinoid in concentrations of around 1%.

What is CBDV and why should you Juice It?

Since CBDV is in its carboxylic acid form when contained in raw cannabis flower, finding cannabis buds with the highest available concentrations of CBDV and juicing them is a creative way to get a general idea of the benefits that this rare cannabinoid might offer.

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