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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better predator or alien?

The recurring theme of Aliens was bigger is better. With a cast that ballooned, Aliens was chocked-full of acting talent and '80s action stereotypes.

Who played the alien in Alien Versus Predator?

The first actor to be cast for Alien vs. Predator was Lance Henriksen, who played the characters Bishop and Michael Bishop Weyland in Aliens and Alien 3 (and Aliens: Colonial Marines).Although the Alien films are set 150 years in the future, Anderson wanted to keep continuity with the series by including a familiar actor. Henriksen plays billionaire and self-taught-engineer Charles Bishop ...

How many predators are there in Alien vs Predator?

While the Predator comics line focused mostly on stories—like the original films—told from a human point of view, with lone Predators as unknown alien beings visiting the Earth in the present or at different points in human history, causing havoc and terror for unknown reasons amongst their human prey; the Alien versus Predator comics—and their spin-off novelizations—started to delve more into stories told from the Predator race's point of view, and reveal more about their culture ...

Is Alien vs Predator 2 scary?

yeah its not scary, after the first alien it just becomes a shooting aliens horde....thats not scary, fun but not scary. my idea of scary is hardly any enemies at all, narrow locations, and distant...

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