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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Casella garbage pickup in New Hampshire?

Casella has been the name that people have counted on for garbage pickup in New Hampshire that keeps neighborhoods clean and healthy. We provide customized garbage pickup schedules for both business and residential customers throughout many cities and neighborhoods within New Hampshire and beyond.

Why choose Casella Bethlehem for your Waste Management?

Julien Chosson, CEO of Wastack "Casella Bethlehem team is representative of what's best in the waste industry. They are environmentally conscious and dedicated to protecting it, their facility is clean, their mindset is oriented toward the future of recycling and composting while understanding the constraints of our economy.

What services does Casella offer?

We provide comprehensive waste control services, including recycling, garbage pickup in Salem and more. Casella also offers temporary services ideal for waste collection as a result of construction, remodeling, house and basement clean-outs, special events or any other short-term project.

What is the Casella recycling facility?

This multi-million dollar recycling facility receives, separates and prepares recyclable materials to be turned into new products and put to beneficial use. Last year, Casella processed over 650,000 tons of recyclables, some of it captured in the North Country. Tours dates are TBD. Transportation and lunch will be provided and space is limited.

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