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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to work at Carvana?

As the first face-to-face interaction our customers have, and the gatekeepers of the customer experience, being a field advocate is a huge responsibility. Carvana is a great to place to work and grow, I feel like I have found my forever home here.”

How long does it take to get a car from Carvana?

Have it delivered or pick it up at a vending machine! Get a real offer in just 2 minutes. We'll even pick up your car. We give you 7 days to see if your car truly fits into your life. If it doesn’t, simply return it. Delivery straight to your door or pick up at our state of the art Carvana Vending Machines!

How much do Carvana players get paid?

Carvana Total Compensation Pay Range: $66000 - $81000 (plus up to $9600 extra pay depending on location). We need flexible team players who want to shake the…

What is Carvana doing to support diversity and inclusion?

We’ve created employee community groups focused on diversity and inclusion to create space for awareness, support and action. Carvana Communities empowers employees to connect, collaborate, and mentor, allowing us to genuinely foster a culture of inclusion. At Carvana, we’re committed to our employees.

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