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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carson Wentz an elite QB?

Wentz has been an elite Fantasy QB in the past, and he's got the kind of skill set you want from a starting Fantasy QB when he's right given his rushing ability. Even when everything else was going wrong for him in 2020, Wentz rushed for 276 yards in 12 games with five touchdowns.

Is Carson Wentz out for the season?

Eagles' quarterback Carson Wentz is officially out for the season with a torn ACL, an MRI revealed on Monday. The injury appeared to occur during a tackle as Wentz was diving towards the end zone in the third quarter. Wentz's legs got tangled between those of the defenders,. The Eagles' quarterback was a bit slow to get up.

Is Carson Wentz the MVP?

Give Torrey Smith an MVP vote. Torrey Smith doesn't get an MVP vote, but if he did, we know where it would go. He thinks the honor belongs to Carson Wentz. In the Eagles' locker room on Thursday, Smith volunteered his opinion that Wentz should be the 2017 NFL MVP, despite Wentz's missing the final three games of the season after with a torn ACL.

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