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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lala and Carmelo divorced?

Carmelo and LaLa had separated in 2017 after Carmelo allegedly got a stripper pregnant. They reconciled in 2019 and remained cordial for the sake of their son. They even quarantined together in 2020. However, Lala filed for divorce on Thursday, June 17, after 11 years of marriage.

Is Carmelo Anthony Puerto Rico?

Carmelo Anthony, who is half Puerto Rican, is trying to raise money to help those suffering from the devastation left by Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico, which is suffering a financial crisis, was hit hard by the storm. It has been left almost entirely without electricity in the midst of an 11-year economic recession.

Where is Carmelo Anthony House?

This is the home of Denver Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony. The home is located on S Polo Ridge Drive in Littleton, CO. Carmelo bought the 25,610 square foot mega-mansion, named The Sognare Estate, back in April of 2007 for $12,000,000. The home was built by Stephen Jacobsen, the former Executive Vice President of Qwest.

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