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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact CarMax Gulf Freeway?

Gulf Freeway 13100 Gulf Freeway Houston, TX 77034 Phone (888)-804-6604 Fax (866)-360-0398 Directions Auction Service Manager: Drew Letterman Email [email protected] Phone 888-804-6604 For title information, contact the Business Office Manager:

What license does CarMax use in Texas?

TX 13904 CarMax State Dealer's License: P35673 Other Auctions Nearby Southwest Freeway 18.88 Miles

How many locations does CarMax have in the US?

See our local CarMax for written details. Explore more than 40,000 vehicles at our 200+ CarMax locations nationwide.… "We are keeping our stores open, when we can, to support our customers' essential needs for reliable vehicles.

Would you sell your car to CarMax?

Simplistic, terrific and caring are good words to describe my overall experience at CarMax. YES I would sell another vehicle to CarMax, in the future, if the need arises again! Great service today with Farhad and Iris! Very fast and kind service for me I ended up purchasing my first car within an Hour of being here for a price I wanted!

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