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Frequently Asked Questions

How many boat ramps are there at Carlyle Lake?

Eleven boat ramps are located at various recreational areas around the lake. In addition, there are three boat ramps on the river, one just above and two below the reservoir. Carlyle Lake offers several camping facilities as well as cottages. There are two bait shops located in town and three full-service marinas.

How big is Carlyle Lake in Georgia?

The wide-open waters make Carlyle Lake a sailor's paradise. This 15 by 3 1/2 mile body of water is one of the top inland sailing lakes in the nation. All major developed recreation areas have boat ramps with courtesy docks. Small boat access ramps can be found in hunting/fishing parking lots scattered around the lake.

How much does it cost to launch a boat at Carlyle?

Visitors may pay $5.00 per launch at the boat ramp, or purchase an annual pass for a fee of $40.00. Annual Passes are available at the Carlyle Lake Visitor Center, the Carlyle Lake Project Office, and at the campground fee booths.

How many boat ramps are in the state of Illinois?

Illinois has 226 Boat Ramps located within its city limits. Find a new Illinois boat ramp today! X Home Discover Lakes Ramps Bait and Tackle Fishing Charters

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