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Frequently Asked Questions

Is managed care coming to Illinois for DCFS?

Currently, DCFS and the Illinois Department of Healthcare & Family Services (HFS) – the state's Medicaid agency – are planning for the implementation of managed care for DCFS.

How do I connect with DCFS and YouthCare in Illinois?

Connect with YouthCare via email at [email protected] or call 844-289-2264; or connect with DCFS via email at [email protected] or call the DCFS Advocacy Office at 800-232-3798. Building a family by adoption or guardianship is the beginning step of a new journey, and Illinois DCFS is committed to supporting families along the way.

How to contact DCFS Deaf Services in Illinois?

Regional & Field Office Directory. For deaf and speech-impaired communication over the telephone, dial Illinois Relay at 711. For specific deaf and hard-of-hearing-related services, contact Rebecca Patton, DCFS deaf services coordinator, at 312-957-4817.

What does DCFS do to protect the children?

DCFS has the primary responsibility of protecting children through the investigation of suspected abuse or neglect by parents and other caregivers in a position of trust or authority over the child. Call the 24-hour Child Abuse Hotline at 800-25-ABUSE ( 800-252-2873 or TTY 1-800-358-5117) if you suspect...

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