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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the competitors of Carestream Vue PACs?

Carestream Vue PACS is PACS software, and includes features such as diagnostic reporting, Non-DICOM imaging support, and voice recognition. Alternative competitor software options to Carestream Vue PACS include NovaPACS, INFINITT PACS, and PowerServer PACS.

How do I manage patient ID in Carestream Vue PACs?

TITLE: CARESTREAM Vue PACS and Vue Archive 12.1 Administration Guide Confidential (C) PART #: 9J8767 VERSION # 2.0 PAGE 169 of 213 Using the Workflow Manager Administration Toolbar # Description 1 Manage Patient ID— Click to open the Manage Patient ID window in which you can view, add or update a patient ID. 2

What is the Carestream PACs auditing feature?

Note: The auditing feature of the CARESTREAM PACS system is a critical last line of defense against misuse of the information contained in the system. It should never be disabled, except by authorized personnel inconsultation with Carestream Health, Inc.

Why choose Vue PACs?

ACCESS MEANS PRODUCTIVITY Look to Vue PACS for advanced rapid image access, interpreting, annotating and reporting. You’ll dramatically boost radiologist productivity and provide better service to the hospital referring community.... Carestream’s Vue Motion takes image accessibility and productivity to a new level.

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