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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carestream Vue motion?

CARESTREAM Vue Motion is a web-based application intended for referring physicians. It provides quick views of exam images and reports and includes tools to view and manipulate images. It also presents image-related clinical information such as reports, bookmarks, orders, sticky notes, and non- DICOM data.

Is Carestream Vue copyrighted?

CARESTREAM Vue Motion Trademark and Copyright Information CARESTREAM is a trademark of Carestream Health. This document is copyrighted with all rights reserved. APPLE, IPAD and IPHONE are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. SAMSUNG, GALAXY S and GALAXY NOTE are registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co.

What is Carestream Vue PACs?

The CARESTREAM Vue PACS is an image management system whose intended use is to provide completely scalable local and wide area PACS solutions for hospital and related institutions/sites, which will archive, distribute, retrieve, and display images and data from all hospital modalities and information systems.

How can I improve the sharpness of my images in Carestream?

Therefore, Carestream recommends that during image review, frequent and concurrent use of viewing tools provided by Vue Motion, such as zoom, pan, and window level adjustments, be made. This maximizes image contrast and detail sharpness of each image displayed via Vue Motion on the portable and mobile device.

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