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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Carestream HPX?

Carestream’s award-winning HPX family of digital products have improved field reliability and enhanced the capabilities in the NDT marketplace. Long plate and multi-plate scanning combined with SmartErase® boosts output productivity so you can get more done in a day than ever before.

What is the hpx-1 plus CR system?

The new HPX-1 Plus CR system builds on this solid foundation, and raises the bar even higher, to make NDT radiography easier, more productive, more accurate, and more affordable. The HPX-1 Plus offers many improvements.

What is the hpx-1 plus Vue cloud community?

Carestream's Vue Cloud Community is your single point of access to the tools you need to diagnose exams, review a patient portfolio or view real-time department performance. The new HPX-1 Plus has the capability to handle extra long plates, custom cut plates & rigid cassettes.

Why should I use the hpx-1 diagnostic tool?

All system parameters checked are reported on and documented for proof that when you worked a specific job your system was in proper calibration. The HPX-1 Diagnostic Tool, helping you work better. CALIBRATION CONFIDENCE

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