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Frequently Asked Questions

Who accepts CareSource health insurance?

We accept: Commercial plans including Humana, Anthem, Blue Shield of California, Triwest, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna Corporation, and Magellan Health Services. Medi-Cal. Original Medicare and some Medicare Advantage plans. Coverage varies by program type. In all states, self-pay program is available at a flat rate.

What dental services does CareSource cover?

Does Humana Caresource Cover Dental Implants? In some cases, dental implants may be covered by dental insurance plans that cover injuries that result in the replacement of a tooth. If you are eligible for dental implants, your dental insurance provider may allow you to use them at the same price as bridges and traditional dentures.

Is CareSource Medicaid insurance?

In addition to Medicaid coverage, CareSource has a diverse offering of insurance plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace. The company also offers Medicare Advantage plans that help consumers close the gap of coverage as they age. CareSource serves 2 million members across five states supported by a growing workforce of 4,500.

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