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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of health insurance does CareSource offer in Georgia?

CareSource Health Insurance Products CareSource health plans in Georgia offers marketplace health plans. Their health plans include Gold, Silver and r Bronze metal tier health plans. CareSource Health Plans CareSource Health Gold Plan

What can I do with my CareSource® account?

Get quick access to prescription coverage, find a doctor or health care provider, use health and educational tools, and discover what you can do with your My CareSource ® Account. Don't have an account?

What is the cost of the gold CareSource health plan?

CareSource Health Gold Plan The Gold CareSource health plan has a $2,000 member deductible and affordable Primary Care office visit copayments of $10 and $45 to see a Specialist. Prescription copayments also apply without having to meet the deductible.

What types of copayments are included in CareSource health plans?

All three Silver CareSource health plans include Primary Care and Specialist copayments, along with urgent care and Rx copayments without having top meet the deductible first. CareSource Silver Standard:

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