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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walgreens accept CVS Caremark?

A3: No. Walgreens pharmacies will continue to participate in the CVS Caremark national networks, so plan members will not need to transfer their prescriptions to other network pharmacies. As long as you fill your prescription at a network pharmacy, including Walgreens and Walgreens-affiliated pharmacies, your regular copayment or coinsurance will not change.

What is CVS Caremark?

CVS/caremark can contact your doctor for a new prescription for most common maintenance medications that are taken for chronic conditions or for long-term therapy. Examples include medications for managing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other chronic medical conditions.

What is a specialty pharmacy prescription?

In broad terms, a specialty pharmacy is a specific type of pharmaceutical delivery system which coordinates delivery and offers comprehensive support in the distribution of drugs which are high cost or complex and utilized to treat complex conditions.

What is Caremark insurance?

Caremark is an insurance agency company with world-wide capabilities committed to being an Agent of first choice for clients who demand the best in quality service delivery and professional expertise. We are dedicated insurance professionals who are in law an agent of our clients.

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