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Frequently Asked Questions

Are CVS and Caremark the same?

CVS and CVS Caremark are the same company and you get the same customer service. Try complaining to your State Board of Pharmacy and good luck.

How early can pharmacies refill prescriptions?

Responses (16) Most pharmacies will refill a 30-day prescription 2-days before the refill date. If the doctor writes “do-not-fill until”, the pharmacy’s hands are tied and he/she cannot fill the prescription early regardless if you offer to pay cash. It simply cannot be done regardless of your reasons.

Does Walgreens accept CVS Caremark?

A3: No. Walgreens pharmacies will continue to participate in the CVS Caremark national networks, so plan members will not need to transfer their prescriptions to other network pharmacies. As long as you fill your prescription at a network pharmacy, including Walgreens and Walgreens-affiliated pharmacies, your regular copayment or coinsurance will not change.

Is CVS Caremark a cash King?

However, CVS Caremark shows the kind of steady growth in its cash king margins that we like to see, and it has the highest margins of the listed companies. How do I get my CVS extra care card? You can either sign up on CVS's ExtraCare website to get an account and receive the card in the mail or ask a cashier in person and get a CVS card as soon as you're done filling the form out.

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