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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CVS Caremark cover Viagra?

Notably, Caremark will no longer cover erectile dysfunction med Viagra. With Levitra already on their exclusion list, that means Cialis is now your only option with Caremark. Weight loss med Qsymia will no longer be covered by either formulary.

Is Caremark Aetna?

Aetna is the third-largest health insurer in the United States, insuring about 46.7 million people. CVS operates 9,700 pharmacies and 1,000 MinuteClinics. A decade ago, it also purchased Caremark and now operates CVS/Caremark, a pharmacy benefits manager, a type of business that administers drug benefit...

Does CVS mail prescriptions?

You could get your prescription drugs conveniently sent to you through the mail. Mail order through CVS Caremark is available to most HMSA drug plan members. You can save money with mail-order drugs because copayments are generally lower than when you buy from retail pharmacies.

What is a CVS card?

American Express Cards. On American Express Cards, the CVS number is the four-digit code printed on the front of the card directly above the right-hand portion of the account number.

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