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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is using carelogic?

It is used by more than 300,000 medical staff across the US. The Carelogic EHR application supports laboratory integration, SOAP notes, progress notes and electronic prescriptions. When integrated with patient scheduling, it gives front-office staff access to appointment reminders and allows them to schedule rooms.

Why choose carelogic enterprise EHR?

Our highly configurable EHR platform helps improve outcomes, drive efficiencies and demonstrate performance. Capabilities include scheduling, intake, treatment planning, service documentation, ePrescribing, consumer engagement, telehealth, billing and reporting. Learn more about CareLogic Enterprise

What is the user community at qualifacts?

There is a strong user community that acts as a resource but also as a learning collaborative for best practice and configuration. Qualifacts strives to be a partner with its customer base and commits to helping its customers to be successful.

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