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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you like most about the carelogic community?

The Carelogic Community is a wonderful addition to the support network for all levels of users. Qualifacts genuinely seems to want to hear ideas and feedback from its users. My team has learned a great deal at the conferences, as well. It feels like there are a lot of glitchy aspects to Carelogic that sometime get in your way.

What are the pros and cons of using carelogic?

Pros: CareLogic is easy for end users. The simple schedule-keep appointment-link to document-bill each day workflow works for clinicians. The billing is accurate, and we've never lost a bit of data. Reliability is very high, and has improved from already high service level reliability.

Should I buy carelogic add-ons?

Carelogic has much more to offer if you are in a position to purchase the add- ons. In its most basic form, the functionality can't be maximized. Also, depending on your implementation team, you may or may not know about features you can access - trying to discover or obtain those options/modules is very difficult.

What is the user community at qualifacts?

There is a strong user community that acts as a resource but also as a learning collaborative for best practice and configuration. Qualifacts strives to be a partner with its customer base and commits to helping its customers to be successful.

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