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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose qualqualifacts carelogic?

Qualifacts’ web-based electronic health record (EHR), CareLogic, is designed specifically for behavioral health and human services organizations. CareLogic simplifies complex business needs and extends its users ability to serve.

What is required to log in to carelogic?

A valid user account is required to log in to CareLogic. User accounts are set up by the system administrator. (See theSystem Administration Guide.) Each organization using CareLogic has its own database whose Account and Login information rules are controlled by system administra­tors.

What do you like most about the carelogic community?

The Carelogic Community is a wonderful addition to the support network for all levels of users. Qualifacts genuinely seems to want to hear ideas and feedback from its users. My team has learned a great deal at the conferences, as well. It feels like there are a lot of glitchy aspects to Carelogic that sometime get in your way.

Is carelogic good for mental health professionals?

Carelogic does a good job meeting the extensive requirements for documentation that mental health professionals must maintain on a daily basis on each of their clients. It assists with scheduling and tracking client appointments, and it's search option for various client documents it easy to use.

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