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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is carelogic for?

Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business. CareLogic is an electronic health record software that offers a combination of administrative, clinical and financial management system for behavior healthcare providers.

Does carelogic have billing and billing features?

CareLogic does not currently support these features but includes an automated billing module to streamline claims & reimbursements. Additionally there is a reporting tool with a library of standard reports and a visual report builder to design reports for custom requirements. What is the cost of CareLogic?

What is carecarelogic EHR?

CareLogic is a user-friendly behavioral health and human service EHR platform that enables customers to operate efficiently, connect strategically and make data-driven decisions. It is a highly configurable and customizable system that can fulfill company-specific requirements and use-cases.

Should I buy carelogic add-ons?

Carelogic has much more to offer if you are in a position to purchase the add- ons. In its most basic form, the functionality can't be maximized. Also, depending on your implementation team, you may or may not know about features you can access - trying to discover or obtain those options/modules is very difficult.

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