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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best pacemakers?

Medtronic is the larger company so they will have more reps, esp if you are in a remote area. Boston has had the most recalls, but not recently. Ask your dr what his recommendation is since he'll be the one programming your device. I find it odd when drs leave it up to us.

What is the cost of a Medtronic pacemaker?

Cost of a pacemaker is $5,000 to $10,000 (just for the device, not counting the much larger charge by hospital and physicians for implanting it) and Medtronic says the Revo pacemaker will be in that range.

Is Medtronic compatible with MRI?

Medtronic CRT-D Devices Now Compatible with MRI. This has prevented thousands of heart failure patients from receiving an MRI scan. “Medtronic is committed to providing patients with the most advanced MR-conditional technology available in cardiac rhythm and heart failure devices so they can have full access to essential MRI scans,” said David...

Are Medtronic pacemakers MRI compatible?

Although some studies have demonstrated that, given appropriate precautions, MRI can be safely performed in patients with selected implantable pacemakers, MRI in pacemaker patients is still contraindicated.

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