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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CareFirst specialty pharmacy?

Welcome to CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy. A Professional Compounding Pharmacy. CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy specializes in Human and Veterinary Compounding. We offer a full line of

How do I prescribe prescription drugs with CareFirst?

Prescribing with CareFirst is easy. Prescribers can call in a prescription, send us an ERX or fax a prescription to our toll-free number at (844) 922-7379. Please note that CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy will only compound and dispense medication upon receipt of a valid patient-specific prescription from a US licensed prescriber.

Why choose CareFirst pharmacy Broken Arrow?

Come in today. Our family-owned pharmacy has been providing traditional retail and compounding service to the Broken Arrow area since 2011. As a customer of CareFirst, you will experience the fast and friendly service that you deserve. Come stop by or call our pharmacy today to check out everything we have to offer.

Is carecarefirst specialty pharmacy chapter 795 compliant?

CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy adheres and complies with the USP Pharmacopoeia’s Chapter 795 for pharmaceutical Compounding in non-sterile environments, which guidelines pharmacies in applying “good compounding practices in the preparation of non-sterile compounded formulations for dispensing and/or administration to humans or animals.”

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