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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CareFirst MedPlus and CareFirst diversified benefits the same company?

In Virginia, CareFirst MedPlus and CareFirst Diversified Benefits are is the business names of First Care, Inc. of Maryland (used in VA by: First Care, Inc.). The aforementioned legal entities, CareFirst BlueChoice, Inc., and The Dental Network, Inc. are independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

How do I check eligibility and benefits on CareFirst direct?

Eligibility and Benefits You can search for a Member to check their Eligibility and Benefits information directly from the CareFirst Direct home page. We recommend checking eligibility and benefits every visit to ensure accuracy. To view the information you need, please be sure to have the membership ID and patient’s date of birth.

How do I contact CareFirst technical support?

For technical support, call the CareFirst Help Desk at (877) 526 – 8390. Below is a list that may assist you with your CareFirst provider-related questions. Contact our Credentialing Department to become a participating provider. Find your provider representative. Find out how to submit claims and get paid electronically.

What is carecarefirst BlueCross BlueShield?

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield offers our members the largest network of doctors and providers in Maryland, D.C. and North Virginia. Find a Doctor Our online provider directory will help you find a doctor or medical facility that meets your needs.

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