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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the OSHA 10hr and 30hr?

In conclusion the key differences between the courses is duration and the depth of the study in each course. While the OSHA 10 hour is aimed at the workers, the OSHA 30 hour course is aimed at supervisors and safety directors.

What is difference between OSHA 10 and OSHA 30?

Key Differences Between the OSHA 10 and 30 Include: Duration of the course (10 and 30 hours) Depth of study (30 hour course goes into more detail) OSHA 10 is designed for the everyday worker. 30 is designed for supervisors and managers. Both courses can be taken online.

What are the OSHA 30 hour requirements?

OSHA 30 Hour Training Requirements Outreach Training Program. The majority of OSHA training programs are carried out by private instructors, who must be certified under the OSHA Outreach Program. Requirements for Training. ... 30 Hour Construction Safety Topics. ... 30 Hour General Industry Safety Topics. ... OSHA 30 Hour Maritime Safety Certificate. ...

How long is OSHA 30 training?

It takes four days to complete OSHA 30, which includes 30 hours of in-depth training on workplace safety and health topics. Because OSHA limits training sessions for this course to 7.5 hours per day, it is not possible to complete your training in less than four days.

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