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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free career tests for adults?

There are several career aptitude tests that you can take on the internet. Many of these tests are free and only require a short amount of time to complete. The following are eight free tests to consider taking: The 123 Career Test is a simple and easy-to-use career aptitude test that helps identify careers that best match your personality.

How do I take a free career aptitude test?

Step 1: Take the free career test on this page(it’s only 2-3 minutes) and review your results and save them. Step 2: Take our other free career teststo narrow down your interests. Step 3: Research careers and educational programs that interest you! Start your free career test!

What kind of results does the CareerTestFree provide?

It’s great students and adults. This free career test for adults and studentswill help you discover your career interests and your ideal career work environment. Whether you are an adult, middle, high school, or college student, the free career tests are useful and provide interest scores for each career category.

What are the benefits of taking a career test?

A career aptitude test is an assessment that provides career suggestions based on your personality, skills, interests and values. Whether you're entering the workforce or are curious about what a career change may look like for you, these tests can provide useful insights into the kinds of jobs that would best suit you.

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