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Frequently Asked Questions

Can credit care card be used for VET Bill?

Yes, you can use your CareCredit card to finance a wide range of pet-related expenses, from routine vet visits to unexpected accident and illness care at locations in the CareCredit network. You can even pay for your pet's food and nutrition with your CareCredit card at locations that accept it. With CareCredit, you can use your card again and again to pay for a wide range of pet needs.

Does care credit cover pets?

While many pet owners are reluctant to purchase insurance for their pets, there are some alternatives. One popular option is CareCredit, a credit card that is specifically designed for veterinary expenses. The program provides pet owners with the option to pay for these medical expenses through their monthly payments.

Is care credit a good card to have?

The CareCredit card is a winner if you need a convenient, flexible way to pay for one-time or recurring medical expenses. The no interest promotional financing is its most attractive feature but...

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