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Frequently Asked Questions

What is primary cardiac angiosarcoma?

Rationale: Primary cardiac angiosarcoma is a rare malignant cardiac neoplasm with early metastasis and poor prognosis. As there are currently no guidelines or effective therapeutic strategies, management of this condition depends on previous experiences of the clinician treating and the consideration of reported cases.

Is angiosarcoma a genetic disease?

About 3% of primary angiosarcomas are gene-induced, gene-associated diseases. Such as bilateral retinoblastoma, recklinghausen neurofibromatosis, ollier disease, maffuci disease, xeroderma pigmentosa, and klippel-trenaunay syndrome etc. Familial syndromes are associated with angiosarcoma [34].

Can angiosarcoma of the heart be passed to children?

Scientists have found that people with a change in a gene called POT1 may develop angiosarcoma of the heart, and this change can be passed on to their children. How does angiosarcoma form? Scientists are always working to understand how cancer forms, but it can be hard to prove. We know that some risk factors for getting angiosarcoma include:

What is the prognosis of angiosarcoma (as)?

Angiosarcoma (AS) is the most common cardiac sarcoma with differentiation, and is poorly characterized from a molecular genetic standpoint. Prognosis remains poor, owing to several factors including aggressive tumor biology, poor response to adjuvant therapy, and lack of targeted therapy.

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