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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy a car warranty?

Having a car warranty is helpful for repair costs and car safety| Bloomberg. The warranty is something that comes with the purchase of a new car, in most cases. According to Edmunds, a warranty is in place to help pay for certain types of costs. This includes mechanical breakdowns that might incur parts and labor costs.

Is a car warranty worth it?

The cost depends on the company issuing the warranty and the make and condition of your car. Car warranties can be worth the cost if you have a vehicle that's not reliableand your budget is too tight to afford a new car or cover a costly major repair.

Are repairs covered by warranty?

When you buy a car (especially a new car), the dealer or manufacturer promises to repair any defects within a specified period. This pledge is a "warranty" that is a part of the purchase price. For instance, a warranty might cover repairs or defects for the first three years or 36,000 miles.

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