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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different parts of a car suspension system?

The wheels and tires are the outside components of the suspension system. The tires, in particular, are very important because they are the only parts which touch the ground as the vehicle moves. Every time you drive over a bump or pothole, the tires incur most of the impact.

What are the benefits of a car suspension system?

The car suspension system is comprised of hundreds of components. They all support the weight of the vehicle as it travels along on the road. Not only does it absorb the impact of things like potholes and bumps, but it also allows you to turn the steering wheel so that your vehicle turns are much smoother.

What is the purpose of a strut in a car suspension system?

A strut is a type of shock absorber that also serves as a supporting suspension member. There are modified struts where the springs are separate, but the most common type is the MacPherson strut, which incorporates a shock, spring and suspension member in one unit.

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