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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capitellum fracture?

Capitellum fracture. Capitellum fractures are uncommon, but their prompt diagnosis and management are crucial due to the severity of the consequent functional impairment resulting from these intra-articular elbow fractures.

What does capitellum stand for?

The small rounded eminence on the lateral half of the distal end of the humerus for articulation with the radius. Synonym (s): capitellum (2) .

What is the capitellum of the elbow?

The capitellum is the first ossification centre in the elbow to ossify if development of the joint is normal. This centre should have become apparent by two years of age. Capitellum is derived from the Latin word for head, caput, and the suffix ellum, which is diminutive; thus the word could be interpreted to imply a little head.

What is OCD of capitellum?

Osteochondral Defect (OCD) of Capitellum The elbow joint is made up of the upper arm bone called the humerus and two forearm bones called the radius and the ulna. There are two cartilage-covered parts of the end on the humerus: The trochlea on the inside of the elbow

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