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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Capital One shopping reviews?

Capital One Shopping reviews are a great way to get a shopper’s perspective on pros and cons of using this browser extension to save money when shopping online. You can read our in-depth Capital One Shopping review to learn more, or if you'd like to try out the tool yourself, head over to Capital One Shopping to get the free extension.

What is the Capital One shopping extension?

While you can use the Capital One Shopping extension to make sure you are getting the best deal, you can save even more money with the Shopping Credits program. When you buy from participating retailers, you can earn rewards points that you can trade in for gift cards at stores like Walmart.

Is Capital One shopping the best cash-back tool?

Capital One Shopping offers multiple ways to help save money, including price comparison, automated coupon codes and cash-back. While not as well-known, it also has a valuable “Exclusive Deals” feature that stood out in our testing as one of the best cash-back tools we’ve ever used. #1. Exclusive Deals

What is Capital One shopping's product search engine?

Capital One Shopping’s product search engine is essentially the same feature as the Amazon price comparison widget, except that you don’t need to be on Amazon to use it — you can simply open the browser extension and enter the item you’re shopping for, as shown below. The Capital One Shopping product search tool.

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