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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the population of Gansu province?

Gansu Province in the People's Republic of China has a population of 26 million inhabitants.

Why is Lanzhou the capital of Gansu?

When Gansu was made a separate province in 1666, Lanzhou became its capital. In 1739 the seat of Lintao was transferred to Lanzhou, which was later made a superior prefecture called Lanzhou. Lanzhou was badly damaged during the Dungan revolt in 1864–1875.

What does Gansu mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gansu (alternately romanized as Kansu) is a landlocked province in Northwest China. Its capital and largest city is Lanzhou, in the southeast part of the province.

What does the Governor of Gansu province do?

The governor is responsible for all issues related to economics, personnel, political initiatives, the environment and the foreign affairs of the province. The Governor is appointed by the Gansu Provincial People's Congress, which is the province's legislative body.

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