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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a new course in DSD canvas?

On the dashboard in Canvas, click on Start a New Course. This button is located in the lower right corner of the dashboard. If you do not have the option to "Start a New Course," send an email to the DSD Canvas Help Desk at [email protected]

How do I login to Davis district canvas?

Go to Davis District homepage then click on Quicklinks in the upper right corner. In the Tools section, click on Canvas. The direct link is

What information is on the Davis School District dashboard?

The Davis School District dashboard includes information on each of its 91 schools. The dashboard provides information regarding the school’s status, school enrollment number, and number of students and adults who have received a COVID-19 positive test during a 14-day period.

How do I login to my Canvas account?

Click on the Login button in the District Employees or Students section. If you are already logged into your Office 365 account, you will automatically be logged into Canvas. If you have not already logged into Office 365, you will login using the following: Login to Canvas. On the dashboard in Canvas, click on Start a New Course.

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