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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Auditorium in Tenerife located?

The auditorium is located near the Tenerife Tram station . Near the auditorium stand the two Torres de Santa Cruz, which are the tallest buildings in the Canary Islands, and the tallest residential building in Spain until 2010.

How to celebrate the Canary Islands day in Tenerife?

During the celebration of the Canary Islands Day (May 30), the Tenerife Auditorium hosts the Canary Awards and Gold Medals of the region. This act has the presence of President of the Canary Islands and the maximum regional authorities, and local island.

What is the structure of the auditoriums of Gran Canaria?

Based on the stage, on both sides of the courtyard of seats are framed by an emerging body of tubes designed by Albert Blancafort who also took over the building of other organs such as the Cathedral of Alcala de Henares or that as is in the Auditorium Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

How long has Mrs T performed on the Canary Islands?

For over 25 years Mrs T, Peggy Lee and the multitude of cast have been performing and entertaining guests across the Canary Islands and giving them the funniest night out for their Holiday. Now whilst we may not be able to welcome guests to the Canaries currently, we are so excited to announce our

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