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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Furnace Creek Campground reservable?

Furnace Creek Campground is the only NPS campground in the park that is reservable. All other NPS campgrounds operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Advance reservations are highly recommended for Furnace Creek Campground during the reservation window (October 15 - April 15).

What's Furnace Creek like?

Furnace Creek is close to the Visitor's Center and is a good starting point to explore the popular spots in Death Valley. The rangers at check in and also those doing their rounds are friendly and helpful.

Where are the trash bins in Furnace Creek?

The trash bins are near the entrance. It's located close to Golden Canyon. There is also a gas station nearby, and the Furnace Creek general store if you need firewood or beer. Some spots have shade, providing relief during the warm spring time. Fire pit with attached grate and metallic picnic table. Sometimes casting shade ain't a bad thing.

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