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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test your camera online?

Visit a website that allows you to test your webcam online. An example of sites you can use include Test My Cam, Test Web Cam and Mirror Web Cam. When you visit the site, an "Adobe Flash Player Settings" window will launch.

How do you test the camera on your computer?

Plug the webcam USB cable into the USB port of the computer. The computer should recognize the new device attached to the computer. Place the webcam installation CD into the optical drive of the computer and then wait for the installer to launch automatically.

How to check your camera on laptop?

Step 1: Verifying the webcam hardware in Device Manager In Windows, search for and open Device Manager. In Device Manager, double-click Imaging devices. Verify that your webcam or video device is listed under Imaging devices. If the webcam is listed, skip to Updating... If there is no webcam or video device listed, select Imaging devicesand select Scan for hardware... More ...

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