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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 360 degree rotation time of the film?

Specify the 360 degree rotation time from 20 seconds (panoselfies) to 10 hours (time-lapse films) with 1 second precision. New & Used (4) from $83.71 & FREE Shipping .

How does the 360 video booth work?

Guests can cut a rug, pose, or be creative as they want while our 360 Booth captures every frame from a rotating 360 degree angle and creates a high resolution video or GIF for guests to share instantly. Let our 360 Video Booth capture every move that is busted and pose that is struck at your event!

How long does it take to rotate a Pan 360 degrees?

Rotation speed - Specify 360° rotation time from 20 seconds to 10 hours in 1 second increments. Rotation direction - Rotate clockwise or anticlockwise or pan back and forwards over a set angle from 15 to 360 degrees in 15 degree increments.

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