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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when something comes under the spotlight?

If someone or something comes under the spotlight, they are thoroughly examined, especially by journalists and the public. The economy will come under the spotlight today at the conference. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

What is in the spotlight?

in the spotlight 1. Literally positioned in a beam of light, typically while performing onstage. The director assured me that I would be in the spotlight for my solo. 2. The center of attention. My sister loves being in the spotlight, but I get really nervous on stage.

How do you use spotlight in a sentence? the beam of a spotlight, as on a stage. The singer was in the spotlight but the band was almost in the dark. 2.and in the the center of attention.

Will housebuilders be the next to come under the spotlight?

As energy sector profits come under the spotlight, so too does pay. The group's intentions in emerging markets will also come under the spotlight. Housebuilders will be the next under the spotlight. Current bosses are not expected to come under the spotlight.

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