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Frequently Asked Questions

What is came?

Came is the dry powder form of cum. Sold to idiotic kids that don't know the difference between laundry soup and cocaine. Hey dude, I bought this stuff called Came from this guy and says it's way better than coke.

What is the meaning of the word “come”?

come in, to enter. to arrive. to come into use or fashion. to begin to produce or yield: The oil well finally came in. to be among the winners: His horse came in and paid 5 to 1. to finish in a race or any competition, as specified: Our bobsled team came in fifth.

What is a kame?

A slender grooved lead bar used to hold together the panes in stained glass or latticework windows. [Possibly dialectal kame, ridge; see kame .] v. Past tense of come.

What's new at came?

CAME launches the new range of residential gate automation combining the most innovative technology with a sophisticated design. CAME's "smart" turnstiles have been chosen by Fiera Milano to handle inputs at the Rho-Pero exhibition stand. Where do you come from?

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