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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Central Square Library in Cambridge MA?

The Cambridge Public Library's Central Square Branch is the city’s largest and busiest branch. Just steps from the Central Square MBTA stop on the Red Line and next door to the Green Street parking garage, the Library is conveniently located no matter what your form of transportation.

How does the Cambridge Public Library work?

The Cambridge Public Library is designed to work as a unified system with a strong main library and six active branch libraries each tailored to the unique constituencies and needs of its immediate neighborhood.

Does the Cambridge Public Library charge fines?

Cambridge Public Library is Fine Free! The Cambridge Public Library is fine free! We no longer charge fines on late returns or renewals, so everyone in our community can access to library books and materials. Eligible past charges have been cleared from your library account. Learn more at

What is the Cambridge Public Library's O'Connell branch?

The Cambridge Public Library's O'Connell Branch is an intimate one-room library that serves as the informal gathering place for longtime residents and newcomers to East Cambridge. The O’Connell Branch strives to bring everyone in the neighborhood together not just as a community, but also as a family.

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