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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Cam Newton get signed?

Cam Newton, the former Carolina Panthers quarterback and 2015 league MVP, is still unsigned as the 2020 season fast approaches.

Is Cam Newton done in Carolina?

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been dancing on the field all season, but he’s done dancing around the divisive topic of what makes him so polarizing.

What is Cam Newton wife name?

Cam Newton's Wife gives an update on her Marriage license. According to the wife by the name of C. Wilson Newton, her and Cam share a 1-month-old daughter. The child's name is Ca'Leigh Newton. According to the mother, Cam Newton signed the birth certificate.

What did Cam Newton say?

Cam Newton notably says, “loyalty, I deserve it,” in an a Instagram post today. He’s also wearing a fairly incredible shirt from a Hooters in Medellin, Colombia Jones looked comfortable in his first live NFL action. He completed 13-of-19 passes for 87 yards and did not throw an interception.

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