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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Californication mean?

What exactly does Californication mean? What does “Californication” mean. “Californication” refers to the process of taking the bad aspects of California (e.g. the drugs and sex culture, the overbuilding and overpriced housing) by Californians moving to other, nearby states (Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, etc.)

Why was Californication cancelled?

Cancelled? It had 7 seasons. They didn't cancel it, the people who made it just decided to stop making it and wrap it up. I loved Californication but it ran it's course. The season arc storylines kept getting less interesting the last 3-4 seasons. The characters were still great but I think they just ran out of situations to throw Hank into.

What is Californication about?

Urban Dictionary: Californication. Californication. The process by which the American television and film industry, for the most part based in California, spreads their own highly sexualized, consumer driven, version of American culture that heavily emphasizes sex, violence, celebrity, and youth as both virtues to be extolled and goals to be achieved.

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