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Is California called the Golden State?

Some advocates are pushing for an idea called targeted universalism ... California Budget & Policy Center In recent years, California has authorized additional cash aid for the poor through programs such as the Golden State Stimulus (the statewide cash ...

What does it mean to become Californian?

What does it mean to become Californian? It means being witness to an epic bender—a 169-year binge lubricated by gold, cattle, wheat, oil, suburban housing, the Cold War, and a marketing campaign of seductive power. At every stage of its history, each of the state’s exploitable ecologies has been dressed up as another paradise, pandering to ...

What is the Californian Ideology?

Zionism 1.0 was the pre-1948 Zionism of theory, of the pioneers, of Zionist thinkers and statesmen including Theodor Herzl, Ahad Ha’am, and Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook. It was the Zionism of creating a sovereign Jewish state where Jews could be safe and live a Jewish life without fear of pogroms or Nazis.

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