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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vehicle Code 21200.5?

Vehicle Code 21200.5 is the California statute that defines the crime of cycling under the influence. This means to ride a bicycle on a public road, path or highway while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both .

What happens if a bicyclist violates Vehicle Code 21200?

In general, criminal charges do not get filed if a person violates Vehicle Code 21200 VC. This is because it’s typically not a crime if a bicyclist disobeys a law imposed on vehicle drivers. Violations of VC 21200 are most often infractions under California law. Violators are not subject to incarceration or any other criminal penalties.

Can I ignore a California ticket for violating VC 21200?

Persons cannot ignore a California ticket for violating VC 21200. If he does, the biker risks getting charged with failure to appear, per California Vehicle Code 40508. Failure to appear, under California law, may be charged as a misdemeanor. Our California auto accident attorneyswill highlight the following in this article: 1.

What are the California vehicle codes for bicycles?

California Vehicle Code: Sections relating to bicycles are 21200 through 21212, and sections 39001 through 30012, This link will direct you to the table of contents for the Vehicle Code, once there you can click on the section of your interest. California Streets and Highways Code: Sections relating to bicycles are 890 through 894.2.

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