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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are California Club members?

A Los Angeles icon for more than a century, California Club members represent L.A.’s most diverse trailblazers and influencers, who are defining today’s city and shaping its future. We welcome members, their families and guests to celebrate timeless appeal and experience unparalleled excellence at L.A.’s premier private social club.

How much does it cost to become a member of the club?

No women or minorities were admitted until the 1980s. Though the club has gradually grown more diverse, there is little chance that it will ever cultivate financial diversity. Membership costs $30,000 after invitation by or marriage to an existing member.

What are the benefits of joining Auto Club California?

When you join Auto Club California, you can expect to enjoy benefits and perks such as AAA’s legendary roadside assistance, price breaks on reliable auto coverage, and hotel and entertainment discounts—all from a brand you can trust. AAA provides members with friendly, top-notch service and support across Northern California.

Are private membership clubs a good investment?

Still, "private membership clubs are luxury items, not investments," says Matt Budjack, an analyst at Oregon-based Ragatz Associates, a consulting firm to the resort industry. "Annual dues can be well over $35,000 per year for maintenance and concierge services, and those aren't refundable."

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