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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Calgary Stampede?

Calgary Stampede is home to the world’s premier chuckwagon racing event! The very best of the best chuckwagon drivers and a total of 162 horses come from all over the world to compete throughout the 10 days of Calgary Stampede.

When is the Calgary Stampede 2020?

July 3rd-12th 2020, July 9th-18th 2021, & July 8th-17th 2022. As far as iconic events in Canada go, it's hard to find one more heart-pounding that the Calgary Stampede. For the 10 days of the Calgary Stampede, Alberta saddles up and puts on its cowboy hat to welcome visitors from around the globe.

Where can I find live music at the 2022 Calgary Stampede?

Yet another location to enjoy live music and entertainment can be found at the Window on the West Stage in the Western Oasis! At the 2022 Calgary Stampede, live entertainment will run from 3 – 6pm, all 10 days of the event. The lineup of performers will be confirmed closer to the date.

Is the Calgary Stampede rodeo inhumane?

The Stampede has attempted to balance rodeo tradition against the concerns of animal welfare groups who argue that the sport is inhumane. [141] [142] Officials defend the sport, calling the animals the "stars of the show" and stating that the Stampede is "passionate about the proper treatment of animals". [143]

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