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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the California fires still burning?

Northern California Wildfires Still Burning As Death Toll Is Expected To Rise Winds are expected to pick up and possibly refuel the wildfires spreading across northern California. The fires have left at least 21 people dead. But authorities say the death toll is likely to rise.

What wildfires are burning in California?

List of California wildfires. At times, these wildfires are fanned or made worse by strong, dry winds, known as Diablo winds when they occur in the northern part of the state and Santa Ana winds when they occur in the south. Wildfires in California are growing more dangerous as people build in rural burn areas and climate change worsens.

Where are the fires in ca?

In mid-July to August 2018, a series of large wildfires erupted across California, mostly in the northern part of the state, including the destructive Carr Fire and the Mendocino Complex Fire. On August 4, 2018, a national disaster was declared in Northern California, due to the extensive wildfires burning there.

Where is Cal Fire located?

— CAL FIRE (@CAL_FIRE) December 7, 2017. Dangerous wildfires continue to break out in California this week. The Lilac Fire is a vegetation fire that ignited around noon Pacific time on December 7. According to CAL Fire, the Lilac Fire is located off Old Highway 385 at Dulin Road in San Diego County.

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